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Kumpulan Goyangan Hot 2015

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NOISE | Tom Petty + Stevie Nicks

I'm wondering if there is a more perfect male-female duet in the annals of rock than Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. They really meld. In 1981 they released two songs together, the Grammy-winning chart topper Stop Draggin' My Heart Around on Stevie's debut solo album and Insider, a deep cut on Petty's fourth album, Hard Promises. Both so good, but I think I'd have to pick Insider if I had to take just one. Have a listen:

GIVEAWAY | Tradlands Shirt + Side Project Skateboard + Tomboy Style x FairEnds Hat

This is most probably the last giveaway we'll do before we move the blog over to The Reed later this month, and we are going out on giveaways with a big old bang! Here's the entirely American-made loot (worth $700+) that's on the table for the lucky winner:

+ Tradlands Shirt (winner chooses size and style)
+ Side Project Skateboard Board No. 4, handmade from recovered hardwoods.
+ Tomboy Style x FairEnds Hat (winner chooses style from what's currently available)

To enter: Leave a comment below and check us all out on Instagram too [@tradlands / @sideprojectskateboards / @lgmettler]. We'll be choosing a winner on Wednesday April 8th and announcing right here. Good luck guys!!

The winner is: Ally Noyes who said...
I fell off a skateboard on Saturday and must redeem myself. That board is gorgeous.
We hope you redeem yourself and then some! Email me at lizzie(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll get your loot out to you! Congrats.

UNIFORM | Western Rise

Here's a new label to take a look at: Western Rise out of Colorado. Launched just yesterday with their Spring 2015 collection, Western Rise caters to outdoor enthusiasts who like a clean classic look. The apparel was designed by fly fishing guides, ski instructors, mountain bikers and the like, but the most notable detail is that they employ a water-repellent DryRise which keeps water off your skin and out of clothes while still protecting you from the sun. Seems ideal for fishing. They're offering quite a bit more for men than for women currently, but that unisex Bitter Creek Anorak ($299) has already got me interested. We'll look forward to following Western Rise and see where they go. .

SCENE | TOM & BOY travel the world

About a month ago we launched a really fun little collaboration hat with our friends at FairEnds by creating some colorful TOM and BOY hats. Since then the hats have traveled the world, from London to Australia, Brooklyn to Yosemite—one even made its way into the new Tradlands lookbook! Thanks for all the support and thanks for posting your hats on Instagram. As we make room for The Reed Shop's incoming inventory (launching *we hope* next month!), we're offering a deep discount on the few remaining hats left.

ENTER CODE: 35TOMBOY for 35% off  >>> right here.

GEAR | Crisloid Backgammon Set

Photo by Slim Aarons, Acapulco, Mexico, 1972.

Backgammon is one of the oldest games in recorded history and culturally seems to span so many walks of life. From its Middle Eastern roots to the leisure class of Slim Aarons circles to cowboy bars, it's a game that seems to work everywhere. A backgammon attaché is such a great thing to have on hand as temps warm up. Play in the park, the beach, the pool, a canoe—you get the picture, it's just more fun than sitting and looking at your phone. I recently overpaid for a vintage Crisloid set on Etsy, and am kicking myself because I should have just purchased a handsome new Crisloid set ($150 and up) whose designs haven't seemed to change for over half a century. The boards are beautifully crafted and sturdy with gorgeous marbled checkers—all of this I had to find out after the fact. Crisloid was founded in 1948 in Brooklyn by Alphonse and Lucky Lodato, they are now based in Providence, R.I. and proudly manufacture all their products in the USofA. Gotta love that. Crisloid also makes custom boards, in fact our good friends over at Pierrepont Hicks show us how great a bespoke Crisloid board can look.  And a gallery of images from the archives. Is there an intersection of tomboy style and backgammon? Maybe, just maybe. Keep up with Tomboy Style elsewhere: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER.

UNIFORM | Levi's Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2015

The Levi's Vintage Clothing look books are always spectacular in the way they showcase their dedication to bringing back exact replicas of old designs, but the Icons Collection of the Spring/Summer 2015 look book is especially incredible because looking through it was like paging through my parent's college yearbooks. I almost forgot I was looking through something produced this year because it is so exact in its late 60s/early 70s styling. And in case you missed it, much of LVC is now available online