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my heart is drenched in wine

I tried incorporating Gareth Pugh into today's outfit but it didn't really work. Freaking epic designer but hard to take inspiration from, non? It's not like you can pick up checkered pleated body armor with clown ruffles and metallic ski masks at your stop to the Goodwill, after all. Although I do suppose that's what makes his designs even more endearing...

Since my massive shoulders seemed to be such a big hit with the kids at school and Anonymous commentators, I decided to try it again with CD cases and the fluffy cotton found in the bottom of jewelry boxes. When Anons and Uggs-wearing peers don't like my outfit, I feel like something must be right, to be honest. A strange perspective, but I guess it works for me. I feel accomplished when something I wear causes controversy and bugs the crap out of people. Spiteful, malicious, or vengeful? Hmmm...all of the above. *cackles*

I will now stare at you intensely for reinforcement and dramatic effect~~
On a sidenote, I actually believe Uggs can be worn well, but would never fork over more than $100 for shoes that are bad for your feet and are usually bought-at my school, anyway-for the purpose of fitting in. I don't think I could ever pull them off anyways, whether I attempt it in the Japanese street style way or Abercrombie uniform.My cape around my waist in back and a white sheer top in front. Two tone American Apparel tights. My victorian vest over a black long sleeve (comfiest thing evz, FYI). The jewelry box fluff between my vest and long sleeve. I also wore white gloves but they're such a pain to wear when fumbling around with a camera...
In class I got bored and started Rodarte-slashing the white top I'm wearing as a skirt. Hey, it was the only way to keep myself from doing this below! Though I guess the fluffy shoulders would have been a nice little treat after all these years of using desks as pillows...

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