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i've had a chicken bone lodged in my throat for 3 years

I took a couple days off from the internet for the sake of schoolwork and friends and holiday hootenanys and origami. When I came back after a couple days, our internet didn't work for some reason. Maybe it's the computer gods' way of telling me not to take Picnik and Twitter for granted. I have learned, computer gods.
Luckily, my magic powers fixed them today. What, I never told you guys I'm a magician?
On a random note, I watched My Girl for the first time this morning. WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE? Think of me, Thomas Jay?I can't wait until Thanksgiving passes and I can watch Home Alone with a clear conscience. BUZZ'S GIRLFRIEND, WOOF.

Anyways, here's today's very lacy outfit. It's strange how this morning I was about to go to the Salvation Army to search for some leather and tartan and studs (though I ended up not going), then put on this outfit with lace and pearls.

^Can you believe that photo isn't edited at all? Winter frosty air, you are so gracious to my outfit pictures.
In lieu of actual decorations for events like parties and Bat Mitzvahs, my mom makes paper flowers out of coffee filters and tissue paper. Economical crisis, you ain't got nothing on us. Did I mention the outfit totaled to 2 bucks?Hmmm, I guess crossing my arms is how I keep warm. It's getting colder and colder and I love it.

And now it's time for some...In poem form.
The CDG for H&M top I bought is finally up on eBay
It's blue and size 8/38 and has cool splotchy dots
There's really not much else to say
Except that I'm done with this post and am going to eat grilled cheese and check Post Secret and cannot think of anything to rhyme with dots

Good night.

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