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it's just a dream he keeps having and it doesn't seem to mean anything

Today I woke up late and threw on the comfiest outfit ever: blue Target leggings, a sweater worn around my waist with the sleeves happily hanging free, a cape around my waist, a very warm long sleeve and my mom's old deconstructed wool sweater. The best part is that as I was running to get to school in time, one of the 8th grade teachers was biking only a little ahead of me, and probably thought I was creepily trying to chase him or something. Now tell me, how many people manage to be that creepy by 8:00 AM? Not many, as far as I know. Guess it's just a skill, a talent I posses. Speaking of possessed, the cold then found its way into my soul and I became...
THE ICE MONSTER.On a more cheerful note, I won a pair of floral docs on eBay last night, and cannot WAIT until they arrive. Pretty good timing too, considering my blue/gray boots are on their deathbed. There I was at Caribou, thinking I was so cool sipping my chai tea latte* with my friends when I accidentally spilled it everywhere, including the floor, my coat, and boots. Since the boots are suede you can't get the stain out, and they look like frostbitten moles.

Really really sorry for all the delayed email responses, I am doing my very best to get back to you guys! Apparently the last couple weeks of the trimester is the best time to lay all the tests and projects and papers on the students, just bear with me, mmkay?
Also, turns out you guys have more FAQ questions than I thought (and by all means, keep asking! I'm curious to about what you're curious about!) so I'll just make a really long post to answer all questions this weekend so it's all in one place.

*it was actually the Kid's Hot Cocoa but you guys don't need to know that if it makes
me seem any lamer

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