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my name is lars. i come from far away.

Friend: Did you hear TI was arrested?
Me: As in, the calculator?
I am such a geek cliche O_o When I told my dad, he said "So? That's good that you thought of Texas Instruments. Why should you know of this rapper guy? I don't know of him and I'm very hip!"
Today he wore a sweater vest.
Anywamalamadingdong, today I wore my CDG top again today. Get used to it, bitches. Along with it, my Tao-esque boots and a pink ribbon around my neck, with a back-of-the-closet dress. This all in a failed attempt to pay regards to CDG Fall 2007, probably the most girly Rei has ever gotten. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Comme des Garcons translated is "one of the boys?"Winter is officially upon us my friends, it actually started snowing right after I went inside! It's getting colder and I LOVE IT, but outfit pictures will sadly have to be inside from now on. Inside it's just as cold though, my mom is Norwegian and therefore PREFERS to have the heat at 44 degrees. Then my father comes home and acts like his Jewish mother, "Now who in their right mind puts the heat at 45 degrees? What's wrong with them? Oy vey."

What the dress looks like normally:Also, I've gotten a few emails regarding Google, and that when you google Style Rookie my blog doesn't come up directly. I turned Search Engine settings off so people at my school can't find my blog, but last time I googled it it worked? Did anyone else have trouble finding my blog? If it becomes too much of a problem, I'll change it.
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