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the giant noodle and the giant rake will one day prevail

yellow floral tank top, black pencil skirt, and white button down; childhood closet. H&M tights. Forever 21 glasses. Thrifted scarf and purse. Photo by Kate.

You all seem to be commenting and emailing with some interesting but similar questions, and interviews can get somewhat repetitive. I figured I would start doing an FAQ, and answer a question per post for the next few posts. This time we'll start with how I got interested in fashion and blogging, etc.

The three things that got me interested in fashion are all pretty much the anti-fashion. And I don't mean in the cool Comme des Garcons way. Seventeen magazine, America's Next Top Model, and the nu rave trend (aka hipster culture and neon colors) were what sort of kickstarted my curiosity in editorial and runway. I know none of these really have anything to do with fashion-Seventeen is mainly composed of a bunch of BS about "a pop of color!", ANTM is pretty much centered around Tyra and using the word "fierce", and big-lettered, neon, Henry Holland knock-off tees that say things about Going Green and Peace and Partying worn by people who don't know they're wearing a knock-off speaks for itself.
Stephanie of Fashion Robot is my best friend's older sister, and one night back in February or March I slept over there with another friend. Stephanie let us raid her closet and did a photoshoot with us, posted it on her blog, and I finally saw what interesting and stylish clothes looked like. Stephanie knew I was getting a little more curious about clothes and blogging and emailed me some helpful blogging advice, links to other great blogs and sites, which magazines are worth the money, etc. I got very anxious and impatient so just started one myself, mainly out of curiosity to see what the community was like; I had only looked at about 4 or 5 before starting my own, and didn't read any for that long, either. A pretty hasty start, no? That pretty much explains why my URL is so lame/ew/was-I-sugar-high-when-I-made-that, and why my first few posts are rather shaky. It took me a while to get the swing of things, but I don't like deleting my old posts. It's interesting to see how my blog, style, and writing have changed and evolved since I started on the last day of March.

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment. I'll be answering more in the time to come!

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