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walk down any street you can find

I cannot wait for Thanksgiving. And I ESPECIALLY can't wait until it's over. I love T-Givingz, don't get me wrong, but once it's over I can watch Buddytheelfwhat'syourfavoritecolor and sing Jingle Bells as much as I want and not feel guilty about it.

I'll also be able to make a wishlist, though I kind of already started. All I really want at the moment is foreign magazines and more origami supplies and more Kiyohiko Azuma and the D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. As for clothes, I put "tartan/studs/leather/plaid/ripped/Courtney Love-ish stuff" and "Lolita dresses" but chances are slim my parents would be buying me that.

This morning I wore a top my mom's friend gave me upside-down and as a skirt. I tied it at the waist with some random black tights I found within the depths of my closet and threw on my shiny black American Apparel leggings (and APPARENTLY someone hacked into my blog and promised a post on these. It's coming, just bear with me!)

Due to the non-epicness, non-Belleness of my necklace collection, I couldn't find anything good and morbid and shiny enough to drape my neck in. There were coat hangers lying around everywhere since my closet is such a mess, so I figured I'd be "resourceful" and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to see that people at school were grabbing at my shiny legs, rather than trying to strangle me with my coat hanger. It got kind of uncomfortable though so I took it off before lunch.
Another pleasant surprise was to see that I won last week's Cardigan Look contest at Weardrobe! They have a new one every week for a $50 gift card, mine was to Urban Outfitters and I can't wait until it comes.

Awlsoe-only 1 day left for the Comme des Garcons/H&M top on eBay. CUD TEH BEST BIDDR WIN!

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