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would you stand up and walk out on me *exagerrated syllables and sideburns*

Not sure what inspired today's outfit, but the collar is something I cut off of an old Halloween costume in the hopes of being able to create Miu Miu outfits. This one wasn't going for a Circus theme (or any, for that matter) but I thought it would be a nice touch, no?

I own a tutu that I bought a while ago from Claire's (of all places) and am still working on wearing it. How many ways are there, without looking like a ballerina stereotype or hooker? Not many, I'll tell ya. Today I wore it underneath another skirt I own to up the volume. I stuck the bow through where the skirt buttons, too.

boots and skirt, thrifted. shirt and headband, secondhand. tights, american apparel. tutu, claire's. collar, DIY.

The volume thang makes me not-too-attractive in the eyes of stick-minded middle school boys, but when Kevin Arnold starts attending my middle school, then AND ONLY THEN will I resort to non-creepy, flattering outfits.

p.s. I know of the Wonder Years because they used to show it on Ion television every night but stopped about a year ago. Why is it I find myself constantly having to defend my age/identity? Do your research, look through my archives, open your eyes, but I'm pretty tired of answering the same questions.

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