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if there's one thing i've learned from middle school choir, it's that hormonal does not mean harmonial

I woke up this morning and not knowing which character to dress as so I broke away from my book idea and threw on an outfit I had in my mind the other day. Proof I can't keep promises? I guess you could call it Little House on the Prairie or Caddie Woodlawn or something country-like if you wanted, but it wasn't intentional. If you take away the CDG/Tao shiz happening I do kind of look like a married couple that would own a farm, what with the lace/plaid deal going on. I am already my own spouse anyways so this surely works (rather, I am married to Belle, but our minds are identical, so that counts.).
I also revisited the Tao inspiration I took during those easy summer days (some of you will remember) and wrote Be Inspired Always across my face with eyeliner. I fail to see the appeal of caked on eyeliner that is smudged by the end of the day, typically sported by our beloved eighth graders. I'll take strange phrases and wobly writing instead, plz and thank you.I miss summer but am also very glad winter is upon us-we get off school tomorrow and I won't be in that hellhole again til next year! The thought is so lovely. It makes me want to do a dance. On ice. A real evil knievel, I know.My bangs got trimmed tonight and *gasp* I can see the world again! Whenever I look in a reflective surface my face is all up in my face and it's frightening. I took these pictures beforehand, but you'll see soon enough. The rest of the hair still needs a cutting though-if it was possible I would love to go Bob Dylan but genetics seems to think differently.After your guys' amazing comments on my cat post I feel very encouraged and hopeful. Thank you x1000.proof my hair needs cutting
I cinched this kerazy plaid dress over a wonderful lace crinoline I've been getting full use out of, as you can see from my last few posts. Both were gifts from Yokoo. I also wore my thrifted bloomers for warmth (no old men to question them, luckily), black childhood closet tights, and Slow and Steady Wins the Race shoes.
And of course, the CDG for H&M jacket. Do not touch.
hello possessed child
In other news, my teacher said OHNOSHEDIDANNNNNNT today. It was surreal.o hai epic paneling
I think I'm going to take a break from blogging for these winter days, so as to fully indulge myself in my favorite time of year. I think after this weekend I'll stop, so I can get in one more book character. I'll still take tons of pictures and make one big New Years post once break is (no! don't say it!) nearing its end.

comme des garcons for h&m jacket. dress and skirt, gift. shoes, slow and steady wins the race. childhood closet tights. nyc liquid eyeliner in black.

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