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let's forget about tongue tied lightning

The last day before break was supposed to be a lot better than it was, but I'm just happy we're off for the next two weeks. Once I got home I rehabed in my camera, Arthur, holiday cookies, and Bob Dylan. Begone, catty middle school drama!
Anyways, for today's book character I dressed as Violet Baudelaire from Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. To be honest, I have read less than half of the books you guys recommended. Uh, whoops. Told you I wasn't cultured. Though this is the last character outfit for this week, I'll definitely take book inspiration in later outfits. It was just a theme this time!note the people in the background that came to the church where I took these and asked if i was lost...that suggests many meanings...
I started reading the series in third grade, and the day the thirteenth book came out I stayed up til 4 AM reading it. Now I wish I had savored it since it was the last one, but I could not put it down. I have never been a Harry Potter person *shields self* but have been insanely obsessed with Lemony Snicket for a long time.The series is about three orphans-Sunny, Claus, and Violet Baudelaire. From The Bad Beginning to The End, Count Olaf, a distant relative, has tried to kidnap them to inherit their family fortune. Each book begins with a dedication to a Beatrice, and ends with a letter, a clue to the next book. In the last book you find out who Beatrice is (though if you're a nerd like me you bought The Beatrice Letters prior to the last book's release and found out early) and I must say the last is my favorite. Reading the books out of order spoils everything though.The author, Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket is a fake name he gave out to a solicitor and decided to use it for his books) writes in a way that is mysterious yet sincere. The books are embellished with clever references to different languages, authors, movies, etc-among these being Ramona, and that is toooooootally okay with me.The most endearing thing about the Series of Unfortunate Events is how cleverly the books all weave into each other. The first book references the last, and the early characters that at first seem like their only role in the book is humor pop up for important reasons towards the last book.Violet is the oldest of the Baudelaire children. Though somewhat shy, she is very thoughtful, responsible, and brave. I chose to dress as Violet from the book-I didn't care for the movie, and her clothing in that would be too hard to recreate (Oscar nominee, holmes). Wise beyond her years, Violet always manages to get the three out of trouble. She has a ribbon with her at all times, and it has helped her escape the clutches of Count Olaf in many stances. EDIT: Whoops! It's not pink, my bad. I was looking at this picture.

Methinks this shall be my last post before my winter hiatus. I might post now and then out of boredom, but will continue to take outfit pictures to put in one big new year's post.
Hope everyone has a happy happy holiday. Eat lots of cookies!
Comme des Garcons x H&M jacket. childhood closet lace, tights, & ribbon. hand-me-down skirt. slow and steady wins the race shoes.

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