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our tree doesn't look that bad compared to when we decorate it with preschool ornaments

Well, I'm back. For tonight, anyways. So far break has been a good combination of fun and relaxation, just the way I like it. There was nothing to do today though, except try to eavesdrop on my parents discussing gifts (whoops) and eat all the cookies my dad's students gave him. IN MY DEFENSE...there is no defense. He likes cookies and he loves his students. Whoops.It was -3 degrees F outside and I couldn't play in the snow as I'd hoped, but I did take the dog out for about 15 minutes. I wore 4 scarves and by the time I got back my legs and arms were puffy and red and itched like hell. I think I'm allergic to fresh air.Anyways, my day was certainly livened up when I received Isabel's blogger package in the mail! I was super excited, and everything is marvelous. The adorable dress that I'm wearing here was from her, I wore it today and decided to play around with accessories whilst standing next to our bare and depressingly small Jul tree. I don't know which is more pathetic-that it's almost as short as me or that I'm not even as tall as it.o hai mom in the background...i like your pants...
Either way, the dress is amazing. And comfy. And warm. Okay, when did epic clothes become practical? And WHERE WAS I?!?! Probably stuffing my shoulders with CDs or wearing leggings over my head or something. Did I actually think that wouldn't dislocate my shoulder/choke me?
Oh brain, you and your expectations.Also in the package was an awesome green 80's purse, skinny jeans Isabel sewed patches on (epic), a fur hairclip, an awesome card from the stationary I mentioned in my holiday guide, and-last but not least-thermal socks. An Isabel package isn't an Isabel package without em! I won't be able to wear them as well as she does but at least better than my dad, who is trying to bribe me into letting him borrow them because he refuses to turn up the heat and would rather bundle up. Normally I'm fine with that, it's fun FRUiTS-ing my outfits up with layers and I prefer being cold to warm. But in this case bundling up means him breathing on/being within 3 feet of my lovely socks, and that just WON'T FLY AROUND HERE. I obvz said no.Thank you Isabel!! Your package should be coming soon, ahempostalserviceahem. Now, time to clean out this joint:
And chhhappy cccchhhhanukkah to those that celebrated it tonight, I ccchhhope it was ccchhhhopping with cccffffffun.
That last one doesn't make sense. And it looks like it says coffin/muffin. Huh.

dress from isabel. dad's old glasses. sister's purse. headband, gift. jeffrey campbell oxfords, solestruck.com.

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